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Do you know what’s a neobank? A Payments Bank? A non-bank?

Think of this letter as a one-stop shop of all things Indian banking! (with the occasional international coverage)

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Everyone! (Wouldn’t I want the whole world as my audience?)

But honestly, it’s mostly for someone who is interested in this space.

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  • Anyone who works in a bank. (will make you sound smarter during those chai breaks!)

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  • Anyone who is remotely linked to the BFSI space.

Who writes “Bank on Basak”?

My name is Anirudha Basak. I’m immensely passionate about finance, economy, businesses, personal finance and of course, banking. I have a MBA in Finance from XIMB. After a brief stint at one the largest private banks in India, I’m currently working as a Product Manager at a fintech company.

I write short form content on LinkedIN and Twitter. This is where I will share my longer form thoughts. Once a week.

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