Thanks for this Anirudha!!

Just a small correction, if you may allow about "Interest rate is 9.25%" for ECLGS scheme:

For ECLGS, max. interest rate will be 9.25% during the tenure of loan. There are many corporates which I know have availed these credit lines at even below 8.5% levels and many who availed it in July may have even availed it at 8% level.

For an example, you may look at: https://www.indianbank.in/departments/ind-gecls-covid-19/#:~:text=Rate%20of%20interest%20will%20not,entire%20tenure%20of%20the%20loan.&text=Helpline%20Numbers%20%26%20Email%20ID%20for%20queries%2C%20facilitations%20and%20Grievances.

Thanks again!!

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